@IDGconnect CEOs: 3 questions to reduce cyber experts to jelly

This is a contributed piece by Andrew Nanson, CTO of cyber at CORVID

Technology has opened up many new opportunities for attackers and to understand them all in-detail you would need to be deeply immersed in the subject of cyber-security. But that does not mean that chief executives of today should be totally reliant upon experts who have previously worked within the intelligence community. I’m yet to come across any self-professed cyber expert who does not claim to have previously worked in the intelligence community.

And so, with these three simple questions every CEO can reduce most cyber experts to jelly:
  • Question 1: “How many attacks got past our firewalls and anti-virus this month?”
  • Question 2: “What are we doing to reduce the window of opportunity for an attacker?”
  • Question 3: “What is the average cost per security incident?”

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