@Gartner Clouds Are Secure: Are You Using Them Securely?

CIOs and CISOs need to stop obsessing over unsubstantiated cloud security worries, and instead apply their imagination and energy to developing new approaches to cloud control, allowing them to securely, compliantly and reliably leverage the benefits of this increasingly ubiquitous computing model.


Key Challenges

Naive beliefs that cloud providers are totally responsible for their customers' security discourages organizations from ensuring their employees use cloud services appropriately.
Some organizations, especially outside the U.S., are paying an opportunity cost by allowing unwarranted fears about security to inhibit their use of public cloud services.
Disproportionate attention to the cloud service providers' (CSPs') security posture has negatively impacted security by distracting attention away from the establishment of organizational cloud control processes.
Organizations that haven't taken a strategic approach to the secure use of cloud computing can easily use it in a manner that is less secure than traditional computing, resulting in unnecessary compliance incidents and data losses.


Cut through your organizational cloud preconceptions, and encourage cloud decisions based on business requirements.
Develop an enterprise public cloud strategy, including security guidance on acceptable uses for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).
Implement and enforce policies on usage responsibility and cloud risk acceptance processes.
Follow a life cycle governance approach that emphasizes the ongoing operational control of your public cloud use.
Develop expertise in the security and control of each of the cloud models you will be using.
Implement technologies to fight the complexity of cloud diffusion.

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